Our wallpaper is easy to hang. You will need a sharp knife, squeegee, sponge, non-woven wallpaper paste, paperhanging brush, bucket, and ladder.

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Prepare your wall: Non-woven wallpaper is highly resistant and can mask small defects on the wall’s surface. Nevertheless, the wall must still be clean, dry, smooth, and uniform in colour, preferably white. Remember to remove anything fixed to the wall (sockets, lamps, electrical switches... ).


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Dilute the paste made specifically for non­woven wallpaper (brand suggestions: Sader, Quelyd, Metylan) in a bucket of water, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a paperhanging brush, apply the paste only to a section of the wall slightly larger than that of the wallpaper panel.


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Hanging the panel: Except in certain cases, the wallpaper panels should be hung from left to right, starting from the top. The panels are numbered, hung edge to edge, and do not require any overlap trimming.


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Once well positioned, smooth the surface with a rubber squeegee to remove excess paste and air bubbles. To ensure the final desired design pattern, carefully position the panels edge to edge so that they are perfectly aligned. If necessary, immediately after hanging, there is the possibility to slide the panel slightly to create a seamless joint. Between each panel hanging, smooth the surface with a rubber squeegee to remove any excess paste or air bubbles.


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Cut the excess at the skirting board using the squeegee and a sharp knife.


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Wallpaper removal: Non­woven wallpaper is completely removable when dry and leaves no residue.