Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Are you interested in a customised wallpaper based on a specific idea or requirement?

We offer visual simulations to create the image that corresponds to your needs. Provide us with the dimensions of the space you wish to decorate, possibly including design plans and photographs, and the choice of material on which you wish to have it printed.

Do you already have an image?

We can print your images tailored to the size and material of your choice. Provide us with your images, photos, or drawings (optimal quality is a minimum of 1 megapixel/m2) and the exact dimensions of the area you wish to decorate. If necessary, we can ensure the high­definition optimisation of your images.


We work with TIFF, PNG, AI, PSD, PSB, PDF and JPEG files.

For any questions, quote requests, and information regarding manufacturing timelines, please contact us.